Explore Georgia through the eyes of locals

Expago offers an evolution of traditional guided tours. Instead of relying on guidebooks and Internet pages, travelers join the locals, who use their knowledge and passion to create unique experiences that won’t be found anywhere else. Allowing travelers to become fully immersed in the local life and enabling local people to earn additional income from sharing their knowledge, Expago is adaptable to all ages, all budgets and all needs.

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Discover Georgia with Expago

Our local experiences

Food and Drink
Food and Drink

With lots of old national dishes, Georgia is a culinary heaven, where each family has own secret recipes preserved throughout centuries.

Active and Leisure
Active & Leisure

With its mild climate and magnificent views, Georgia has a landscape that is ideally suited for active life and perfect leisure.


Stunningly beautiful and extremely sincere, Georgian music pierces the soul once and forever to become one of the greatest passions in life.


Representing an exhilarating break from the past, today’s Georgia boasts the best underground scenes for electronic music in the world.


Georgia offers heaps of spectacular scenery, architectural gems and unique wildlife. What else does a traveler need?

Culture and Arts
Culture and Arts

With a dynamic cultural life, eclectic art galleries, museums and private collections, you can delve into Georgia, an amalgam of unique traditions.


A few hours of shopping therapy will give you a rewarding mini mental vacation when you can have ‘comfort buys’ to take a piece of Georgia home.


From the warm sea to snowered mountain peaks, Georgia is famous for its stunning natural beauty you will fall in love with.

About us

What is Expago?

Expago is a Georgian app inspired by reinventing the way we travel and discover the world. We connect travelers with local people in order to gain knowledge and enjoy unique experiences — be that the underground electronic music scene, cosplay, home cooking, winemaking, photography, soviet architecture, or abandoned places.

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Explore Georgia with Expago

For Travelers


Unique experiences

We offer you to enjoy custom-made tours and travel with a more personal touch. Our guides will share the most exciting experiences and show the most beautiful places.


Reliable local guides

We interview our guides before welcoming them to the Expago family. We continuously work with the guides to guarantee you the best experiences.


Secure payments

We guarantee you a secure payment procedure with widely known Stripe processing platform, the choice of Booking.com, Expedia, Uber and many others.

Get your unique local experience in 3 steps

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    Register and create your profile

    Join Expago with one click and set your preferences to find unique experiences nearby that fit your interests.

  • 2

    Choose the tour you like and chat with the guide

    We have a lot of experiences you can choose from. Just find the one(s) you like most and talk details with the guide.

  • 3

    Book the tour and enjoy your time

    Arrange the details and safely book the tour to learn more about your destination through shared knowledge and experience.

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What You Get With Expago

Discovery, Sociability, Originality

Expago is about learning and acquiring new knowledge, expanding the mind and exploring the world.
Expago is about inclusivity, where people from different walks of life can meet and mix.
Expago is about unique experiences provided by local people with specific knowledge rather than the facts you’d find on the internet.

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The only source of knowledge is experience

Albert Einstein
Earn with Expago

For Guides


Create unique tours to get extra income

Do you love Georgia and know its history and traditions? Create your tours, set your price and earn an income from sharing your unique knowledge and experience.


Receive support on tour creation

Our team is ready to help turn your unique ideas into the coolest experiences ever. All you have to do is to use your imagination and submit the tours to Expago.


Get guaranteed payments with PayPal

We will ensure a smooth payment procedure so that you get your money safely and in time. Just provide us with your PayPal account and get paid securely.

Earn money in 4 steps

  • 1

    Create your profile and tours

    Take a minute to tell about yourself and create the tours that reflect your interests to grant tourists a quirky local experience.

  • 2

    Receive requests from travelers

    Publish your tours and get notified about requests from the tourists, who are interested in the experience you can offer.

  • 3

    Arrange details in chat

    Discuss the itinerary details with the tourist and agree on the exact date and time of the tour.

  • 4

    Share your experience and get paid

    Make your guests fall in love with Georgia even more than before by sharing the unique knowledge you have.

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"I am so much impressed by the theatrical Tbilisi. I have learned a lot about the history of the Georgian theater and peeked into the backstage. Expert made me fall in love with the Georgian experimental theater and I am extremely thankful to her."

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"It was interesting to learn about Soviet past of Georgia. The abandoned buildings made the tour more thrilling. Every place in Tskaltubo had a history and walking inside was like a discovery. I liked that it was more of an experience than sightseeing!"

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"This app helped me feel the real taste of Georgia. The hospitality of the local people left us totally amazed. We will not hesitate to recommend this experience to our friends to our friends."

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"Expago is not an ordinary application. It’s a unique opportunity to become a part of inexpressible atmosphere. I love sharing magic, which the theatre is, with my guests. And my key point is to make this magic very Georgian, as affluent, as traditions and modern life of our national theatre."

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"I am happy to make my country even more popular for tourists. I love meeting new people and Expago gives a wonderful possibility of communication."

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes

Marcel Proust
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Dozens of friendly, professional and reliable local guides technically backed by experienced specialists who continuously work to make the product even better.

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